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Do not believe everything you are told by others, here are some links to legal documents, opinions or documents
we refer to on our website or by associated YouTube Channels.
We suggest that expats should read before investing in property or a business in the Philippines

The documents below are all prior to July 2023

01Brian Smith USA Tax Judgements & Liens
027042 Negative Foreign Investment List (Updated)
03Use Of Devices While Driving
04Anti Dummy Laws Explained
05ACT 3815 Revised Penal Code 315
06RA 11229 Child Restraints
07RA 11229 Child Restraints Defered
08The Mitch Documents
09Advice for Americans Arrested in the Philippines
10Balikbayan Box Declaration
11Are You On the Immigration Blacklist?
12What Started the Mead v Smith Fued
1313-A Visa Requirements
14MB FARM, MB AQUAFARM & MB PIGGERY Registration Search Results
15Adoption Process in the Philippines
16RA 7610 VI 10 (b Being With A Minor
17USA Want to know about Tax Fraud & Scams
18Form to Report Non payment of tax in the USA
19PD 1564-Solicitations Permit Law (As Mentioned in The Raw Facts Video)
20Shrimp Harvest Calculations
21Employment Law in the Philippines
22Guide to Non Profit Law in the Philippines
23The Pork Charity Scam
24Jasons Visa Scam or Not
25Absolute Proof of Law Breaking in the Philippines
26Mead - Smith - Mead Emails June 22 2021
27DSWD Charity Permit Reminder
28Child Support In ThePhilippines
29Has Geoff Mead Been Black-Listed
30LBC Transfer Value Proof From G D Mead
31Alfred Embassy Report
32Terence-Beth Martin Giving Hope Inc - Registration Certificate
33Copyright Act of 1976
34BIR To Target Vloggers Not Paying Tax
35Republic Law 10361 - Conditions for Domestic Workers
36Brian Smith - Truthfinder Report
37Gary L Martin - Truthfinder Report
38Terence P Martin / Flannery - Truthfinder Report
39Guidelines for handing Complaints against DSWD
40Executive Order 26 - No Smoking In Public
41The Overstaying your Visa process
42Penalties For Overstaying Your Visa In The Philippines
43Age of Consent Raised from 12 to 16 years
44Guide to Taxation in the Philippines
45Price of Fish Food - July 2022
46Republic Act No 11313 Safe Spaces Act


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