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Email From A Mong

Just thought I would share this with yo all, I just gives credence to my views that Boss Hogg supporters are just “Mongs”
Notice how little punctuation there is, so take a deep breath when trying to read it .Lol

From: mike early <>
Date: Fri, Feb 2, 2024 at 7:35 AM
Subject: poor old man
To: <>


It is really funny how old you look. ( I’m the same age as you and look younger) everybody knows you are an ass fuck you can’t take criticism you always give others shit but you can’t take it yourself we call people like you is a male Karen and a coward it sad you have to take off constructive criticism when people tell you what you don’t like now what you are doing is not working because your over doing it.
Oh! one other thing you’re going to die and nothing’s going to happen to Hogg because the government offices in the Philippine’s don’t give a shit because you are whining too much