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Gary Martin – Lies Again & Again

He is claiming the document we published is a forgery

Gary said in his latest video that he doesn’t remember sending the letter to the court.
But the bigger lie is that he says it doesn’t look like his handwriting.

But this letter is tied to his case and the dates match his offenses.


Also he said that because the document has a red “not an authorized copy” watermark that it was obtained illegally.

Another Lie!

These documents are for sale, you view the documents on the Athens Clarke clerk of the court website then add the documents you want to purchase to your shopping cart.

You pay for the documents which are 50 cents per document with credit card.

They ask for your email address and then they email you the authorized document without the red watermark.

Anybody around the world can view and order the documents.

The red watermark is only removed when you order the and pay for the documents.


Here we show you what we are explaining if you do this.


Go to the “Athens Clarke clerk of the court” website at

Click on “case search” at top of the home page


Then select “criminal search”


Type into name line.   Martin, Gary


There are 3 total cases that show up but the top 2 are this Gary Martin the mong with his birthdate next to his name.

Open up those cases and read all of the documents for yourself. Maybe you could do a tutorial for your viewers on how to find the documents also.


Again proving without a doubt, the Gary Martin doen’t know what he is talking about and is a habitual liar

So much for the integratory of Brin Smiths best mate.