Ladies and Gentlemen

I have an important announcement to make to all my supporters of my You Tube channel.

As you are aware I have worked closely at the team from Expatsforums and will continue to do so

But to help you all keep up to date with everything that is going on, all my information and documents will be available on a separate website.

This is being done with full support of the Expats Team and are working with us to get all relevant documents moved over to my own dedicated channel.

I have been fortunate to obtain a very appropriate web name for my endeavors. This website will be called: boholscammers.com.

There will be links between us and Expats so there will be no restrictions in access to information.

This was expected to be announced in July 20 but due to the workload of those helping me, it has  had to be delayed until now.


There is still a lot of work to do, but we are up and running

Special thanks in particular goes to a young Filipina who is making a career for herself in Hong Kong.

Without all her hard work, this would not have happened.

So folks, you now have two places to go to for information, Bohol Scammers and Expats Forums.


Please visit me here

Geoff Mead