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Please note that this is reprinted from a previous article
With the current and ongoing situation, we though it opertune
to reproduce it again

After watching many of Brian Smiths’ and Geoff Mead’s YouTube Videos,
I noticed that there have been many people asking,
 “What Started all this?”
I shall try to address this question here

This post is just to bring those new to the issue some background of events

Once upon a time in lands that were far away from each other, There were two guys going about their tasks.

One was comfortable and recently retired and settling into his new life in Australia. (Geoff)
The other was a struggling American trying to set himself up a new life in the Philippines. (Brian)

These guys had several things in common.
Both have lived in the Philippines and were married to beautiful Pinays and have children.

It was a case of one had been there and done that (Geoff) and one that was about to do it (Brian)
Although these guys were 5636 kms apart, they were able to communicate via the technology of YouTube.

Brian was videoing his trials and tribulations of setting up his new life as a guide for others that may wish to follow in his footsteps and placing these videos on YouTube for all the world to see.

These videos caught the eye of one expat Kiwi/Ossie (Geoff).
On one video, (see below) Brian was detailing the difficulty of getting lighting on a fish fam (One of his ventures) and showed the difficulty of having to remove automotive batteries and charge them from his van, before taking them back and installing them at the fish farm.

Geoff saw this video and contacted Brian and said “Mate, That is hard work, Why don’t you just use a Generator ? “ (or words to that effect).
Brian replied along the lines of “No Budget”.

The video that started it all

Geoff having been there and done that in the Philippines and was now no longer struggling, Made an offer to Brian to buy a generator for him.

Brian, (as anyone else would) accepted the offer and in due course, Geoff sent money to Brian via LBC to purchase a generator. 

It was at this stage that things started to go down hill.
Once Brian received the funds for the generator, he decided that he would not use these funds for the said purpose of buying a generator, instead he would use that money for other purposes.

Now at this stage, Geoff rightfully so was a bit pissed off and many emails were exchanged between them.
To cut a long story short, Brian said he would send Geoff the money back.

Geoff said that he didn’t need the money and perhaps it would be in the best interests of both parties that the money be donated to the Children’s hospital on both Brian and Geoff’s behalf.
A reasonable compromise, one would have thought in the circumstances.

But No, Brian made every excuse in the world why he could not comply with this agreement.
Every thing from Western Union Stuffed up to Geoff gave me the wrong details.
(now Brian had all the correct details needed when he picked up the funds).

All this was played out for all to see on YouTube Videos by Brian.

This situation was now at a stalemate.

This is where the story has its first twist.
As all this saga was played out on Brian’s YouTube Channel, it became apparent to many viewers, That Brian was not really interested in farming at all, but was more interested in creating drama so that he would have content for his YouTube Channel where he was getting paid Adsense money and this was his prime motivation and source of income.
(He even admits this in some of his later videos.)

At about this time, Geoff was approached by another farmer (Rik) that said Brian had purchased some pigs from him on a 6 months credit deal and it was now over 12 months and Brian had still not paid him.
This is in spite of there being an actual “Written Agreement” between them.

Geoff then started to investigate Brian further and started his own YouTube channel to give his findings and let people know that Brian has apparently got quite some form on not paying his debts, this form going back to his time in the USA.

The facts presented by Geoff and brought out into the open , obviously upset Brian (as it would most people), But instead of coming out and trying to address the issues like most reasonable people would, (Many of us have made mistakes in the past) Brian chose to make Video after video of how he was right and Geoff and Rik were wrong, There was excuse after excuse of why he didn’t have to pay Rik or return Geoff’s money. (These videos are on public record for all to see)

 While all this was happening, Brian sold Riks pigs and still didn’t repay Rik (Can you believe that? )

Brian was now in full defence mode.
The comments on his videos from even his loyal supporters were telling him to man up and honor your debts. These comments were either hidden or deleted by Brian

Then comments would not appear for about 24 hours, giving him time to sanitize them.

If you go to those videos there is not one comment that criticizes him (Strange that)
Also if you look carefully, you will see the number of comments stated by YouTube is way greater that the comments actually on that video, so where have all the comments gone?

Well folks, they have been either hidden or deleted by Brian.

While all this was going on, Geoff was approached by others that have been scammed by Brian,
Informed Geoff of Brian’s illegal activities in the Philippines and well as his wandering ways away from his wife. (see her YouTube Channel for conformation of this)

Geoff was in enforcement previously and as such has an inquiring mind and has dug deep into Brian’s past, You can learn about Brian’s past in Geoff’s YouTube video’s at “A Foreigner Telling The Truth In The Philippines”.

Geoff has never varied from his statement that it is not about the money (Like Us, He is not monetized so gets no Adsense revenue, unlike Brian)
By is just clearing the false hood that Brian has published about him on his YouTube Channel. Would Geoff let this go if Brian apologised and made good his debits and removed those disparaging videos from his channel?
Who knows, maybe you can ask him yourself – I doubt if we would (that’s just a personal view)

Brian was in the Ice Cream Business before coming and settling in the Philippines.
You can see Brian’s side on his YouTube channel at “A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines”.

The sad thing about this is that both Geoff and Brian have engaged Attorneys and it look’s like it is going to cost several million pesos to resolve.
Money, certainly Brian does not have and is risking the future of his wellbeing and family in going down this path.
As weather Geoff can afford such costs, who knows, but we believe he is in a better position to proceed that Brian is.
Stupid really when it could have been resolved amicably if Brian wasn’t so “Pig Headed”.

There is too much to cover here about other issues concerninf Brian Granville Smith and these may be the subject of posts in the future.



NB: This post is just to bring those new to the issue some background and update as to why it is all happening.


This is posted in the interests of the Expat Community


Note: There has been a small alteration – the funds were sent via LBC and not Western Union as previously noted.