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It’s important for individuals to be cautious and informed when engaging with Brian Smith especially in business ventures.

It’s wise to conduct thorough research and due diligence before investing time or money into any venture, especially if there are concerns about the credibility or track record of the individuals involved. Being aware of potential risks and considering past experiences can help individuals make more informed decisions.

If there are specific allegations or concerns about someone’s conduct or business practices, it’s also important to evaluate them critically and seek out multiple sources of information before forming conclusions.

Our advice to exercise caution, or “Caveat Emptor”.

Brian Smith 2019

Brian Granville Smith, (aka Brian Granvill Smith) Born 03 August 1962    Formally of Kilkare Ln Chico, CA 95973
aka A Foreigner Farming In The PhilippinesPlus a few other YouTube Channel names
Also known to use many 
other fictitious names such as Vestland & Maximus Montana. on YouTube,  Where he frequently comments on his own videos.
He is also heavily involved with Terence Martin/Flannery and Jason Suitor
You may contact him by email at: or give him a call:
Cell: 094XXXXXXXX (we do have the remaining numbers)#

Cell: 09468763113

Brian Smith 2023

Is this Who We Think It May Be?

A Foreigner Farming in the Philippines  Exposed
Please click on image to watch on You Tube and credit the creator

More Bragging

 “Shut Up Or I Will Blacklist You From The Philippines With Just 1 Phone Call”” 

Learn More About Brian Smith


Many links have not been completed, this may take some time, Please bare with us while we get this done

THere are many more Including the Solar Panels Scam of which all reference has been deleted  –
We  wonder why
If you have any onthers items to add to this list, please let us know

More documents and videos with undeniable evidence of Brian Smith Breaking many laws of the Philippines.
These are all in the public domain – we have just grouped them here with other links to make them easy for you to find
Here on this page are just a few examples and links to other documents and articles
of what this guy has been doing in the Philippines,
Most of it against the local laws.
If you wish to see more examples, please go to the

Cell: 09468763113

Changing To A Member Only Channel

Brian Smith recently announced that he was making his You Tube channel – Subscription Only

Is he concerned that evidence from his own videos could be damaging to him?
Making the videos private will not stop the authorities from investigating as all videos have been downloaded by many others

Response to
Changing To A Member Only Channel

Is this really value for money? 
Blatant scam of the Hogg now fully Public

GD I have Plans For You

Brian Smith recently announced that he has plans in place should GD ever return to the Philippines

Please support the authors of these videos by watching via YouTube

Response to
GD I have Plans For You

This is GD’s Response to the claims made by
Brian Smith

Please support the authors of these videos by watching via YouTube

Broke But Giving Financial Advice
Was Brian Smith Arrested Yes or No?
The Organic Vegetable Con Job
Play Video
The Celebrity
Play Video
The Saga of Linda at the Shrimp Pond
Play Video
Part One
Play Video
Part Two

The Failing You Tube Channel

The above videos is from the youTube Channel Ëxposing Expat Scammers in the PhilippineY

The Four Years Of Failure

The above videos is from the youTube Channel Ëxposing Expat Scammers in the PhilippineY

Here on this page are just a few examples of what this guy has been doing in the Philippines,
Most of it against the local laws.
If you wish to see more examples, please go to the “EXPOSING EXPAT SCAMMERS” or A FOREIGNER FARMER PHILIPPINES”  You Tube Channels.

If you have any other information you may wish to report it to 
call: 18002255324 (in America) or tip off at or email:

An Introduction to Brian Smith by Brian Smith of A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines

How to farm for profit in the Philippines , business ideas. General advise about farming and business, how to get permit and licenses. Life style expectations experiences.

SOURCE: A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines YouTube Channel

A Response to an Introduction to Brian Smith by Brian Smith,

This is a response to A Foreigner Farming in the Philippines Introduction Video. This exposes the actual reality of what has happened

SOURCE: “The Lies of Brian”  on Exposing Expat Scammers In The Philippines YouTube Channel

Exposing More Lies from Brian Smith!

From a YouTube Video of A Foreigner Telling Truth In Philippines on 15th March 2022″

Brian Smith is Offered Help to solve his rat Infestation

Does This Video Confirm That Brian Smith is a Scammer?

From a YouTube Video of Exposing Expat Scammers Philippines on 4th April 2022″

The Solar Expert

Play Video

Respect or Not

Play Video

Bohovol Begging Continues

From a YouTube Video of Exposing The Raw Facts on 01 April 2022 “A Foreigner Continues Begging In The Philippines Not Farming”


Still Breaking Laws of the PI

From a YouTube Video of Exposing Expat Scammers Philippines on 31th March 2022
” Evidence !!!!! Bosshog and Maricel Behaving Badly”

Foreigner Claiming to be an Official

From a YouTube Video of of a Foreigner Farming in the Philippines

Caught Lying Again

From a YouTube Video of Exposing Expat Scammers Philippines on 30th March 2022″ “Arrogant Fool”


From a YouTube Video of A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines on 11th March 2022

The Trashing of Consing

Click Image to view

A Response to Desperation

From a YouTube Video of An Aussie Farming In The  Philippines on 12th March 2022

The Drama Queens

Click Image to view
Well GD Has visited the Philippines and Again, non of his plans came to fruition

A Thankyou To 800 New Subscribers in a Day

From a YouTube Video of A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines on 5th March 2022

A Response to The 800 New Subscriber Video

From a YouTube Video of Exposing Expat Scammers Philippines on 6th March 2022

How to Spot A Liar

As we always say

Liar or Not - You be the Judge

From a YouTube Video of A Foreigner Farmer  Philippines EXPOSED July 16 2023

We Dont Need Your Donations

Play Video

From a YouTube Video of A Foreigner Farmer  Philippines EXPOSED 10 May 2023

Stingless Bee Failure

Play Video

From a YouTube Video of A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines 13 Sep 2021

A Plea For Help From Boss Hogg

From a YouTube Video of A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines on 4th March 2022

A Response to a Plea For Help

From a YouTube Video of Exposing Expat Scammers Philippines on 5th March 202

Brian Smith Caught Out
Again and Again

From a YouTube Video of Jimbo 360 on the 20th  March 2022

It now appears that Jimbo 360 has taken sides with Brian Smith and has made this video private
 But here is a copy from cache

Brian Smith Caught Out
Again, Again, Again & Again

From a YouTube Video of Exposing Expat Scammers Philippines on 5th March 202

Brian Smith & Home Made Guns

Banana Milionaire

Brian Smith Insured or not?

This is From a YouTube Video by made by Brian Smith Himself

The White Van

Where is the White Van?
It has not been seen for quite some times, Has it been repaired?, or perhaps it has been reposessed by the financier.
This information is public from the LTO
On Your Cell Text LTOVECHILE [Plate number of your car] Then send to 2600
We did and this is the result we got.

Plate:                 jah8588
Make:                Suzuki
Model:               Multicab
Year:                   2019
Color:                 Alpine White
Registered Last:  05/20/2019

Note: the Year listed is when it was first registered in the Phoilippines and not the manufactured date as these multicabs ae built from used parts imported into the Philippines

Brian Smith The Crayfish Mogul!

Play Video
Brian Smith the crayfish mogul? Well not really.
This is just another of his schemes to suck money from unsuspecting viewers,
just as he has done on so many previous occasions.

Every one of these ventures has used money from others, not one centavo from Brian.

Yet, he has skimmed a living off the top for 5 years by doing this.

Our prediction is that this crayfish venture will be along the same lines.

As Brian has said he has 8 months to make it work or he is out

Remember that? Time will tell

Remenber that in the past 5 years, any venture that Brian has started has failed.?

The Scamming Never Stops

Another video exposing Brian Smith again involved in yest another scam

Please view the video and we “Let You Be The Judge”

SOURCE: The Raw Facts  YouTube Channel

The Sanfrancisco Pondage

Here we go again, It has come to light that Brian & Jason may have been involved in another scam which has defrauded a local businessman and a land owner out of a vast some of money.
These are only alegations at this stage but it is interesting to note that since this video was released, he has not mentioned anything more about it

Wondering why

Please view the video and we “Let You Be The Judge”

SOURCE: A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines YouTube Channel

What To Do with Chickens with the Coryza Disease?

When farming you are at times confronted with what to do with coryza diseased livestock.
The general rule is to euthanise and dispose by incineration to stop the disease spreading.
But NO, This expert* has a different solution. He is selling them to the locals for food.
Can you believe that? He has no care about anyone except himself.
We hope the DOA investigates this for the safety of all on Bohol.


SOURCE: A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines YouTube Channel

* Definition of an Expert. “Ex” is an unknown quantity and “spert”, is a drip under pressure

More Proof the he is selling deseased chickens

Blocking of Viewers

This is an extract from a livestream where Brian Smith tries to explain why he blocks people. This from the same Guy that says he Doesn”t Block people.
Andy Sumisu (not his real name) was a big suppoter of Brian Smith.
His reasons given here, by his own words, proves him a real hypocrite

SOURCE: A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines YouTube Channel

As Officer in Charge of this business, Brian gives out the Profit and Loss of the Fish Pen Business

Brian Smith has always insisted that the business’s belong to his wife and he has no say in the day to day operation.

Here he confirms that he does employ people, the salary and the Proft and Loses.


SOURCE: A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines YouTube Channel “Milkfish Profit/Loss”


Registration Search Results


Registration Search Results


Registration Search Results

Which raises many more questions,  

MB Farms appears to be trading without registration, 

We have all been told that many times on video by Brian Smith, That MB PIGGERY has been sold, yet Maricel is still the registered owner ?
This information is easy to obtain as it is all on “Public Record” Copies and/or renewals can now all be done online and at about 200 pesos. (for renewals)

Maybe NO BUDGET                                                         The above information was correct at 20th May 2021


SOURCE: A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines YouTube Channel “Mike and bonnies New Enclosure”

It appears that “Mike and Bonnie” are now Boss Hoggs new Cash Cow. Just like the many others before them that have been discarded.

There has been about a dozen videos about Mike and Bonnie so far and no doubt there will be more to come.
Has anyone told Mike and Bonnie that he is only doing it for the Adsense money? We have our doubts that he will be sharing this Adsense income with them.


This is another scam that was perpetrated by Maricel and Brian
There was a Balikbyan box sent and in it was goods for Lester & Chat, one item ws an envelope which alegedly contained $100.
However, this envelope never reached Lester & Chat.
Brian has repetedly said there was no envelope for Lester and Chat in that box.

The Video to the right proves he is lying again. 


SOURCE: A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines YouTube Channel “A Christmas Balikbayan Box From John” October 06 2020



It took a lot of prompting and investigation by Andy Omar, to bring out the fact the Brian had two timed Maricel and fathered another child.
A boy named Blake Xavier..

One he says he supports to the tune of P7500 per month, although no evidence has been shown that he has actually paid anything.

It is believed that this photo was posted everywhere by Maricel to discredit him


SOURCE: A Foreigner Farming In The Philippines YouTube Channel “Final Accounting of the Baby Faith Charity”



This is another scam that was perpetrated by Terrence, Maricel and Brian and a Canadian named Denis Ballon who was in a relationship with Baby Faiths Mother (Denis Ballon is not Baby Faiths father)
They set a a fundraising drive to raise funds to assist “Babty Faith” who had terminal medical problems.
That was a great thing on the face of it, however as usual, these two skimmed off most of the funds for their own use, Including a driveway for Terrence and Beth,

The accounting must be correct because Brian, who has told everyone he has an IQ of 160, did the audit and even made a video about it..



This is another scam that was perpetrated by Terrence, Maricel and Brian

This was several years ago, but when confronted by
it recently. The comment was that it was a misdiagnosis

Well if that was true, wouldn’t to think they
would have a video about that great news?

No, as of 30 June 2023, The video is still there gaining Adsense Revenue.

From a Foreigner in the Philippines YouTube Channel “Pray for brian and Maricel”

Declining You Tube Statistics

It appears that the buying of Subs is still happening but views are way down 

You Tube Stats as at 16th July 2023

Well Brian, WE see no evidence of any legal case taken by you.
Both Andy and Roger have visited the Philippines several times since this statement was made by the FFF from Bohol. Yet nothing has happened – Why Brian?
Just like you said Mead will never visit the Philippines.
Wrong aagin, Do you get anything correct?

Below is a screenshot of a comment taken from a recent video of Brians called
 “Going Dark, Information Needed”
Well Brian, You asked for it and  now you have been given the best piece of advice that you could have ever wished for.

Many have also asked about the comment from Maricel that Brian delteted - Fear not folks, We have it here

Shrimp Pond Update 04.16.2021

Billy The Kid – Yeah,   like everyone didn’t see this coming.

John Fairs gold panning school – The problems out weigh the profits. Looks like a boat, bring out another thousand.

JimAinFla – This is headed towards the Azolla fiasco

James Franklin – Get the others on line then fall back to the leased one. You have total control over the block pond and the metal pond. As far as who’s fault it is? It’s yours.Delegation of force com critical details is a recipe for disaster. Regan had a saying ,trust but verify

billy balla –  I told him and Jay both this was another losing fiasco, just like the fish pens.

Justa Dev – That pond is sketchy as heck. That profit better be worth it because I’d be stressed everyday until a successful harvest.

uptown4cozzmo – The whole thing needa to be redone from the beginning I seen this coming the day U looked at it!! Huge disappointment really sorry I had my fingers crossed but there are no if ands coulda shoulda woulda U need to dry it out n get a backhoe or dozier bobcat skid loader something and fix it!!!


Tim G – I gave you great advice months ago. One last time, stop throwing good money at projects that are destined to fail. 
Change your channel name to a Foreigner Chillin in the Philippines and focus your videos on life in PI as an expat (Outside of farming).

Or are you farming just to have content for your channel as your channel probably has made you more money than all of your farming/fishing adventures combined? 

strife in justice – @Tim G, Brian would be comfortable with cash following your advice!


Is This Another Failure In The Making?

WELL YES IT WAS – See the profit/Loss Here
Now we have to wonder will he honnor the balance of the 5 year lease  on the shrimp pond?

To the left is a video dated 04/16/2021 posted by A Foreigner Farmin In The Philippines on YouTube.
The comments (if they havent been removed) say it all 

We have copied and pasted some of them here.



Laurie Hugill – You’d have a easier time fixing the leaks in that pond than fixing his hard headedness. I’ve said the same thing before too and I’m sure we’re not the only ones.

james gilbert – wow id say you rented the wrong pond by time you get every thing working how long before you make a profit

Robert Phol – Leaks?  Whoda thunk?

Tim G –  @Laurie Hugill  So that leads me to believe he is just farming for YouTube content as YouTube is where he makes his money.

Philippines Cagayan Valley . Aaka HS – Well finally the penny drops . Of course he doing these projects for videos only because u/ tube is his only successful business by his own words long ago . Good for him if he make more money out of u/tube than he spend on projects .
If he make a profit than it a bonus particularly if people help him fund the projects  . Dont know how the Canadian fit into the picture in the whole scheme of things. Regards .

Laurie Hugill –  @Philippines Cagayan Valley . Aaka HS  He’s a financial backer / partner under his wifes name. (Jen & Jay)

Philippines Cagayan Valley . Aaka HS – Well if that is the case he is making a mistake . U will never make money out of a mickymouse business anywhere in the world let alone in philippines . Why do u think the fish pond was for rent by it owner . If it was ok he would use it . But if fools come along and rent it and fix it up for you it good business for the owner .

bob coopers live youtube vlog – fricken money pit….ide be lookin for another pond with no issues

Barry Scott –  @James Franklin, I believe the round one belongs to Gina and Tatay, Not Brian and was funded by Talapia Aquaponics (or some name like that). but I could be wrong as many videos have become boring so I just fast


Aledged Scams or failed business ventures in the Philippines by Brian Granville Smith

Most of these were done while he was on a Tourist Visa although some of the later ones were done when he was on a Temporary 13A Visa

Fish Farm Investor/Operator (Illeagl & Failed)
Mitch’s Farm (Stole livestock / Machinery) 
Pig Charity (Was iIlegal)
Chuck Wagon (illegal /Failed)
Pigs from Rik (Defaulted on payment)
Maricel Cancer Scam (With Terence Martin -Ongoing)
Desexing the Dogs (Used money sent for other things)
Chicken Farming  (Failed – all were diseased)
Kano’s Burger Bar – in shop (Never got going)
Kano’s Burger Bar – In Mall (Never got going)
MB Piggeries (failed – sold to a mysterious John & Richard)*
Paid Membership on YouTube (failed )- 
Marketing and Selling Milkfish (failed )
Growing Tilapia
at home (failed) 
rowing Bananas (Failed)
rowing Squash ( Failed)

Vehicle Repairs (always  no budget for repairs) 
GD Mead (Failed to pay- going legal)
Breeding Dogs (Out of control)
Growing Strawberries (Failed)
Azola pits (illegal & Failed)
Growing Dragon Fruit (Failed)
Well digging (illegal and dangerous)
Rice Fields (illegal & Failed)
House Building (Never completed)
Blake Smith (failed as a father)
Shrimp Ponds (Illegal and Failed) 
Coffee Plantation (Failed)
Mulbery Bushes 
Grape Growing
Stingless Bee Keeping (failed)
Growing (Failed)


The list is still growing (If you can add to this list, just let us know)

MB Piggery Sold or Closed

* We are now not too sure who the two Canadians are that it was sold to, as in recent videos the names seem to have changed and now have dissappeared completely – Did they really exist or was this just another scam?
John or Richard, we would love to hear from you/

How can a foreigner sell a business that by law, he can not own?

The Story So Far

There is another great article about this video from someone that personally knows the full situation, It makes very interesting reading.


The Train Wreck

Brian Smith promised GD Mead that there was a Train Wreck heading his way

Play Video


“Finally Getting Some Mud Moved”

We believe it is all part of the script and designed to fail.
Is there an Engineer out there that would like to comment on Brians methods of cleaning this pond?
Also, in his own words, He is “working” on this project, contrary to the laws of the Philippines.



Back in December of 2019, Brian Smith had this great idea of having paid memberships to his youtube channel.
In his own words, he said there would be benifits such as discounts on merchandise etc.
Well two years later we have not seen any merchandise of offers for paid members.
Yet the [JOIN] Button is still there


“Paid Memberships Now Available”

A screenshot from his Small Engine Video
25 March 2021

Great spelling from someone who ck]laims he has a 160 IQ

Introducing Brian Granville Smith
aka A foreigner farming in the Philippines

A screenshot of Brian Smith – The Chef for proposed Kano’s Burgers Bohol – Philippines

Other Brian Smith Scams Exposed

The Forgotten Son
21st November 2020

From The Horses Mouth 01
24th February 2021

From The Horses Mouth 02
24th February 2021

The Other side of the Story

To give balance ???

My Side of the Story

G D Mead The Aherns And The Rizzutos

Us helping Mitch

Moe Curly and Shemp

About Not Paying For Riks Pigs

Does G D Mead have a mental disorder

The Mitch Interview

The Mitch Story by Mitch

You make up your own mind

Mitch Follow Up


It has been stated many times in both previously on Expats Forums and again on this site, that we have and still offer Brian Smith space here to refute any of the information herein .
The only stipulation is that he provide written proof and verifiable documents as we have done so.
So far. Brian has not accepted our offer.
So if you are a friend of Brians, Please ask him why he hasn’t responded?
If he does not reply, it must mean that our information is correct.


Brian Smith claims that is birth date is the same as his asawa however he held up his passport in a recent video that  clearly shows that the date on his passport is 3rd august 1962.(see Pic) 
Maybe it was not his real passport, but it goes to show the lies that this person tells everyone.
Or just maybe, Maricel has changed her birth date !

Only In The Philippines

The Other Family - Updated

My Son Blake Reviewed

Click On Image To View

Play Video

Part One

Play Video

Part Three

Play Video

Part Five

Play Video

Part Seven

Play Video

Part Two

Play Video

Part Four

Play Video

Part Six

Thanks to the YouTube Channel, “I Am Just A Jealous Guy” for this information.
Please view these videos via the YoTube link so that any Adsense may be credited to the creator.

Legal or Not?

Can a Foreigner have any interest in Fish Ponds or Farming Fish In the Philippines ?

Again G D Mead has looked in great depth on the business activities of Brian Smith and his Associates.
Further information can be found here

(A Link to the Official Documents is available Here)

If you care to look up presidential executive order 65 dated 29 October 2018

The eleventh negative foreign investment list, you will find this (Extract Only).


CHAPTER II – SECTION 5. Use of Philippine Waters. — The use and exploitation of the fishery and aquatic resources in Philippine waters shall be reserved exclusively to Filipinos:

SECTION 46. Lease of Fishponds. —

The fishpond shall not be subleased, in whole or in part, and failure to comply with this provision shall mean cancellation of FLA;

 RA number 10654

SEC. 87. Engaging in Unauthorized Fisheries Activities. – It shall be unlawful for any person to exploit, occupy, produce, breed or culture fish, fry or fingerlings of any fishery species or fishery products or construct and operate fish corrals, fish traps, fish pens and fish cages or fishponds without a license, lease or permit.

This is conformation that no foreigner can be allowed in any fishing business at all is in those documents. 

 Remember, this is not just ordinary law, it is the Constitutional law of the Philippines, the highest there is. 

# We are checking on the legality of posting a cell number on the internet, more to come on this.


Please note that any links to videos or other material may have been deleted by the owner or youtube
This website does not own all of this content, but as it is in the public domain, legally just displays it here.
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