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Gary Martin – The Unemployment Fraudster

Once again, Brian Smiths Great friend, The one that he urges all his viewers to go and support has been caught out defrauding the welfare system of the USA.
Great Friends you have Brian


Gary Martin – Fines Schedule

One moe document to prove in spite of what Brian Smith and his Mong supporters say.
If you dont have offences, Why do you have to pay fines?
We again provide a document that is available in the public domain that proves what we have been saying about Brian Smiths best mate is all true.


Gary Martin – Child Abuser

Here again is more proof that this great friend of Brian Smith is a convicted felon
This ime for Cuelity to Children.
Sentenced to 5 years in prison with 4 of those to be served on Probation.
A great friend you have here Brian.


Gary Martin – Bail Bond

More about this great friend and convicted felon of Brian Smith
As mentioned in my Youtube video, This is the Bail Bond Document that was mentioned.
Once again, I stress that this information is a Public document and available to you all, should you wish to look for it yourseves.


Gary Martin Makes His SS Number Public

Gary Martin has made his usual wild alegations and accusing us of revealing his private SS number.
But here is proof that the mong is so stupid that he actually did it himself.
As shown here, it was obtained from a punlic document, in his own hand writing